About Us

We are a team of web developers specializing in creating online stores based on the open-source management system OpenCart.

One of the strengths of OpenCart is a large number of various add-ons that change the appearance and expand the basic functionality of the CMS. For 7 years of work, we have not only used and modified various add-ons for our needs, participated in their development, but also created our own. Unfortunately, for all this time we have not found a truly convenient service for ourselves as developers and users of add-ons. Realizing that we are not alone in this, we decided to create such a service.

Here you can find templates and extensions for OpenCart or publish your own extensions. We publish modules and templates on the site only from the authors. By downloading the file, you can be sure that there is no malicious code. By making a purchase, you can count on full support from the developer.

For those who place modules and templates of their own development with us, we provide a new convenient distribution channel, in the case of commercial add-ons - a convenient mechanism for withdrawing funds. Each new publication replenishes our database, helps our project and motivates us even more to work on improving the service.

We have been working for more than five years and have no doubt - we will succeed with you. Join now!